Power Admin for Jira Announcement & FAQ

Important changes to Power Admin for Jira pricing


As you know, Power Admin is an advanced, intuitive tool that empowers admins to configure their Jira instance easily, quickly, and in a smarter way. The team behind the app has always been committed to removing roadblocks to further optimize your Jira configuration experience.

In the past two years, the Power Admin team transformed how Jira configurations look, feel and operate. They made it possible to perform operations like analyzing Jira elements' usage and dependencymanaging configurations via quick actionsfinding custom fields, and exploring their usage

In line with our mission to continue to provide the best product experience and incorporate highly-requested features from our user-base, we have decided to move Power Admin to a paid app on the Atlassian Marketplace, effective in the next major release (v2.0), available week May 18, 2021. This difficult decision will allow our development teams to continue supporting, maintaining, and improving this app that so many teams rely on every day.

One such improvement that we are excited to share (coming in v2.0!) is a game-changing capability for admins — the ability to merge custom fields. With this new feature, admins will be able to easily merge custom fields of the same type, choose source and destination custom fields, and decide how to merge their context options and issues in values.

As a small token of our appreciation to our Power Admin fans, we are offering special introductory pricing until August 18, 2021.

More information about this change can be found in the FAQ below, but if you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at marketing@botronsoft.com.




This is a necessary step to continue improving on and supporting Power Admin's features. Making an impact is our major motivation, and with the growing abilities of Power Admin, we believe Botron will transform how Jira works, looks and feels.

Version 2.0 will be released on the Atlassian Marketplace in the week of May 18, 2021. One major improvement that we are excited to share is a game-changing capability for admins — the ability to merge custom fields.

You don't need to migrate if you don't want to. All versions prior to v2.0 will stay free.

Botron will continue to support the free versions of Power Admin with some limitations. Bug fixes and new features won't be available in the free versions of the app.

You can download and install any Power Admin version prior to 2.0 from the Atlassian Marketplace without any charge.

For all users of Configuration Manager for Jira, Power Admin will continue to be a built-in feature and won't be charged separately.

This is the first time Power Admin becomes a paid app, and as a token of our appreciation to you, we are offering special introductory pricing until August 18, 2021. No discount codes are needed — you'll see this special pricing reflected in the marketplace already.