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Where to Start

If you encounter any problems using or installing Power Admin for Jira, please let us know — we're here to help!

Alternatively, if you feel you have encountered a bug in Configuration Manager for Jira, or wish to request a feature, please submit your suggestion at our Support Portal. It is a good idea to first scan Power Admin’s popular issues — this helps to prevent duplicates.

Raise a Support Request

You can raise a support request as described below:

To raise a support request via the internet

  1. Please visit Botron’s Support Portal and raise a support request.

  2. Please provide as much information as possible, add screenshots if there’s an error in Jira’s UI, including any error messages that are appearing on the console or in the logs. Please also mention the operating system, database and version of Jira you are using.

Sometimes it is necessary to adjust Jira's logging levels to get a more detailed error message or a stack trace. Please see the logging section of the documentation for information on how to do this.

Create a Support Zip

When filing an issue you may want to create a 'Support Zip' (which contains information about your Jira system) and attach it to the issue. This will assist our support engineers in troubleshooting the issue.

To create a Support Zip:

  1. Log in as a user with the Jira System Administrators global permission.

  2. Navigating to the Atlassian Tools Support Page.
     Keyboard shortcutg + g + type support tools.

  3. Click Support Zip. The Support Zip page will be displayed.

  4. Leaving all the boxes ticked, click the Create button at the bottom of the screen.

You can now go to your issue and attach the Support Zip.