Filter Usage

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How does Power Admin track the filter usage?

This page will reveal to you how Power Admin evaluates and finds the usage (the dependent configuration elements) of the filters in a Jira instance.

Shares and subscriptions

As part of the usage report, Power Admin detects the subscriptions and shares of a filter:

  • Count of shares of a filter - Filters can be shared with other users via user groups, projects, and project roles (read more about sharing a filter in Jira). Power admin detects the number of users or other objects in Jira the filter is shared with.

  • Count of subscriptions to this filter - Users in Jira can subscribe to filter by email and receive updates when there are changes to a filter. Power Admin tracks the number of subscriptions to a filter. Read more about filter subscriptions in Jira.

Agile boards, dashboards, and filters

To collect the data about a filter's usage, Power Admin detects all the agile boards, dashboards, and filters where the filter is in use. We go through the JQL entries in agile boards and filters and look for references to a filter.

Filter to Agile board relation

Agile board is detected as a dependency in the following cases:

  • If the filter itself is the saved filter of an Agile board.

  • If there are references to the filter in JQL queries in an Agile board like a saved filter, card colors, quick filter, subquery, or swimlanes.

Filter to dashboard relation

A dashboard is detected as a dependency if the filter name or id is present as a property in the dashboard gadget.

Filter to filter relation

A filter is detected as a dependency when the filter name or ID is present as a reference in another filter's JQL entry.