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Use Cases


Configure and optimize Jira faster and easier using Power Admin for Jira. It offers an intuitive and easier to use UI to search for configuration elements, to see dependencies and usage, to edit and configure elements in Jira.

Power Admin is an advanced administration tool which allows you to use many enterprise-level features to ease your day-to-day activities in Jira and help you find solutions to complex problems:

  • Search & find configuration elements

  • Perform quick actions on configuration elements

  • Clean-up unused configuration elements & reuse existing ones

  • Identify the root cause of Integrity check errors


Use Cases

Jira Project Configuration Clean-up and Performance tuning

Learn how to leverage the capabilities of Power Admin to perform a comprehensive Jira project configuration clean-up and performance tuning. This use case offers additional day-to-day value for administrators because it enables them to quickly check for duplicate/similar configuration elements before adding them as a part of a change request ticket from users.

Jira Project Configuration Analysis

Find out how Power Admin can enable admins to quickly and confidently configure their Jira projects by understanding the complex web of dependencies of the various configuration elements which comprise a typical Jira system. The use case will walk you through the process of comprehensive Jira configuration analysis, and how to discover and analyze the dependencies between the various configuration elements.