Matrix Configuration

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Configuring an Issue Matrix custom field is an easy and intuitive process. The configuration consists of two phases: first, choosing a mode for your Issue Matrix and second, configuring the settings specific to the mode. The mode controls which issues and what kind of information will be shown on the Issue Matrix table in the Issue View screen. After you complete the configuration, Issue Matrix makes your processes in Jira much more effective and optimized.

Configuration Process

1. Configure an Issue Matrix field

  • On the Custom Fields page, find the Issue Matrix field you want to configure.

  • Choose Configure from the Actions menu on the right of the custom field.


2. Edit Matrix Configuration

  • On the custom fields' summary page, click Edit Matrix Configuration.


3. Choose Issue Matrix Mode

  • You are redirected to a custom Issue Matrix configuration page where you can choose between different Issue Matrix modes: Sub-Task, Issue Links, Epic, Filter and JQL.

  • On this step, choose the mode you need for your use case and click Next. Later, you can change the mode of the Issue Matrix field.


4. Configure Matrix Mode Settings

  • The next configuration page contains settings specific to the chosen mode.

  • After you are ready with the configuration changes, click Save.