Issue Categorization

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Categories allow you to quickly identify certain issues in an Issue Matrix field. Categories are defined using a JQL and are represented via colors - if an issue matches certain category, a colored cell will be shown on the left side of its corresponding row in the Issue Matrix.

The example below shows all deliverables which are overdue in red and all requests with a due date within the next week in yellow.

Configuring Categories

All Issue Matrix modes support categories. To create a new category:

  1. Open the Issue Matrix configuration screen

  2. Go to the Categories section

  3. Enter a name for the category, JQL (you can use the extended JQL syntax), color

  4. Enter tooltip - the tooltip will be shown when the mouse cursor hovers over the colored cell in the Issue Matrix panel

  5. Click Add

One issue can have only one category. Categories are ordered - if an issue matches more than one category, the first one in the list will take precedence.