Issue Matrix for Jira Service Management

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Issue Matrix is an app designed to enhance the user experience for both Jira Software & Jira Service Management users by enabling them to configure custom visualizations and overcome the limitations of the default Jira interface. 
The counter-intuitive information display and a lack of configuration flexibility prevent Jira Service Management users from utilizing the full potential of the platform. Issue Matrix has several features designed to overcome these limitations and boost user performance and productivity. 

Issue Matrix for Jira Service Management

In addition to a rich set of features for Jira Software, Issue Matrix is tuned to improve the user experience of Jira Service Management users as well. In this use case, we will review how the various features can help users handle their Service Management queues more efficiently.

Bringing context to Jira Service Management requests

Contextual linking enables users to visualize issues which are not directly linked but share a common context. This invaluable feature allows your Jira Service Management agents utilize an advanced JQL syntax designed to filter a list of related, yet not directly linked requests based on their system (e.g. same reporter) or custom fields value (e.g. labels), thus allowing the comparison of issue fields with the values stored in the currently viewed issue.
The examples below demonstrate how you can benefit from using the JQL extension with the following Service Management fields: Customer Request TypeOrganizations and Reporter

Customer Request Type

You can easily see the customer requests of specific types in the Issue View Screen.



You can easily see the customer requests of specific organizations in the Issue View Screen.


You can easily see the customer requests by the same reporter in the Issue View Screen.


Quickly edit Service Management fields with inline editing

The inline edit feature gives users the ability to quickly edit issues within an Issue Matrix field. Users can edit inline their Service Management fields, without navigating away from the current page, thus saving countless clicks and hours per month. 

Issue Matrix for Service Management Queues

Issue Matrix tables can be visible in Service Management Queues. You can add an Issue Matrix custom field as a column to a Service Management queue (similar to the Issue Matrix configuration in the Issue Navigator). As a result, either the whole Issue Matrix table or the Issue Keys will be displayed.
There are two different options of Issue Matrix visualization in Service Management Queues.

Issue Keys


Issue Matrix Table

These features are designed to enable agents to use Jira Service Management in the most effective and intuitive way possible by providing them with unparalleled visibility, flexibility, and the ability to semantically understand the displayed information.