Use Integrity Check as part of Configuration Manager

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What is a snapshot?

Think of a snapshot as a box of configuration and data representing thе current moment in time of your Jira system. Snapshots capture the state of the objects and their relations to each other, helping you always deploy a valid working configuration. Furthermore, all data in the snapshot is instance-independent, which means that it can be easily transferred to another Jira instance.

Snapshots are the building blocks of the Configuration Manager for Jira app, and that's why they are only available in the bundled version of Integrity Check and Configuration Manager. You can use Integrity Check as a standalone app or as part of Configuration Manager.

With Configuration Manager for Jira, you can create three types of snapshots - system, project, and project with issues. Also, when using Integrity Check with Configuration Manager, you can perform an additional check called Snapshot Scope (Integrity Check).

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What's possible with Snapshot Integrity Check?

The Snapshot Scope Integrity Check functionality delivers much-needed flexibility and time savings for Jira admins. It is the perfect solution when dealing with large and complex Jira instances with hundreds of projects, and you have to move a few of them. Instead of going through and dealing with all the errors in the Jira configuration, you can narrow them down and fix only the integrity errors in the scope of the snapshot.

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Configuration Manager for Jira

Configuration Manager for Jira has become the most trusted solution for Jira administration and migration in the Atlassian ecosystem. Its core idea and functionality are built around solving the most complex challenges in their work of Jira admins and owners. The app is available for Jira Server, Data center, and Cloud.

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Features for effective Jira administration

In addition to Integrity Check, Configuration Manager for Jira offers a compelling set of features designed to facilitate, speed, automate, and error-prove your work.


Use cases

Test-staging-production, merging Jira instances, moving projects, and many more features. Get to know all of Configuration Manager's functionalities and use cases.

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Power Admin

An advanced app, available both as standalone or part of Configuration Manager for Jira, to help you configure, optimize and clean-up Jira, understand all dependencies in the configuration and work with faster, better UI.

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Apps SPI 

Game-changing functionality that allows you to capture and move app data from one Jira instance to another with zero data loss.

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Roll-back model

Built-in protected transaction with a roll-back mechanism, with no existing alternative on the market. 

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Deployment modes

There are four deployment modes: two for projects; and two for system snapshots. Using the four deployment modes, nine different use cases can be managed. 

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Change and impact analysis

See how different changes will impact other projects and control whether to go through with them. This feature is crucial when you are introducing changes to production Jira systems.

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We're here to help

Check Configuration Manager's documentation to get to know its features and see what they can do for you. If you need any guidance or help, please do not hesitate to contact us – we'll be glad to help!