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Integrity Check is the perfect tool to find, locate and resolve configuration problems with your Jira system. You can run an integrity check on the whole Jira configuration or a specific subset of it.
The use cases you can achieve with our Integrity Check app are listed below.

Find and resolve configuration errors in Jira

Use Integrity Check to locate and find configuration errors in your Jira preventing your users from accomplishing their everyday activities or preventing admins from creating and deploying Configuration Manager snapshots.

Integrity Check locates the errors and provides full details of the error locations and root causes. In addition to that, it offers you automated solutions to the most common problems found called quick fixes.

You can learn more about using Integrity Check as part of Configuration Manager in our documentation.

Resolve errors preventing users from performing everyday tasks

Integrity Check’s primary use case is to help you find and fix errors in a Jira configuration that prevent or disrupt your users from performing their everyday activities. For example, workflow post functions or validators referring to missing fields will lead to unexpected end-user behavior when working with Jira issues. In addition, a broken filter referring to missing configuration elements (like custom fields, workflows, etc.) will prevent the Jira users from finding quickly and easily issues and necessary information. Learn more

Resolve errors preventing admins from creating and deploying Configuration Manager snapshots

When you have Configuration Manager for Jira, Integrity Check is part of it. You can use the Integrity Check to find, report and resolve errors, which stop admins from creating or deploying snapshots. In this case, you have one additional integrity check scope called snapshot scope. It allows you to run all checks on the last failed snapshot and rerun the snapshot creation after resolving the errors found. Learn more

Improve Jira's performance and efficiency

You can use Integrity Check to find errors that are bottlenecks in the configuration and slow down the performance of a Jira instance.

For example, you might have many agile boards and dashboards which aren't used anywhere or refer to missing filters, causing performance degradation of your Jira system. Clearing all those boards will improve the efficiency and performance of a Jira instance.

The errors when you have agile boards or dashboards referring to missing filters can't be resolved using Jira's UI. They can be resolved only by manually manipulating the database, which is a time-consuming and error-prone action. Integrity Check allows you to fix all these errors automatically.

Problems with custom fields are the main factor that leads to performance degradation of a Jira instance. Use Integrity Check to clean up the redundant custom fields.

You can use Integrity Check's Bulk quick fix feature to fix all errors detected simultaneously. As a result, your Jira will speed up and become more productive after resolving the detected integrity faults altogether.

Maintaining your Jira's performance and productivity in good shape is an ongoing effort, and you need to regularly run integrity checks on the system.

Features to manage integrity errors

Please take a quick tour through the features that allow you to accomplish the use cases listed above and even more. Learn more

Easily detect broken Jira configurations

Prevent corrupted configurations from making it to production by identifying errors in the configuration of your Jira instances, such as references to missing custom fields, groups, and users in workflows.

Learn more

Locate and navigate to errors with a single click

Use path links to navigate directly to each error location or each configuration element from the error chain. You can apply all available quick fixes simultaneously with the bulk quick fix feature.

Learn more

Fix configuration errors on the fly

Save time and stay in control while resolving configuration errors by applying an automated predefined quick fix or making customized manual adjustments.

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Choose the scope of your integrity check

Integrity Check’s scope selection allows you to run integrity checks on different sets of the Jira configuration. For example, you can run the integrity check on the whole Jira system, on selected projects, or just on the last failed snapshot (only with Configuration Manager for Jira).

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