Release Calendars

Cycle Control provides you with a way to view detailed information regarding the execution and the progress of groups of releases. You can evaluate this information, plan and track your releases using Release Calendars.

Easily view the details of multiple releases, including those from different products. You can track and plan how cross-functional activities relate to each other.

Each calendar is configured to show a list of releases and you can also configure who can view or edit the calendar (see Managing Release Calendar Permissions for more information).

Viewing a Release Calendar

To view a release calendar:

Log in as a user with the 'General Access' global permission.

  1. From the top level navigation menu choose Releases >Manage Calendars.
  2. Locate the calendar of interest and click on its name

If you can not see the calendar in the list you may be missing "View" permissions for the calendar. See Managing Release Calendar Permissions for details.

Release Timeline

A release calendar displays all the releases it includes, ordered on a timeline where you can see how your releases are scheduled in time and when their stages start and end.

When you choose a release and click on its name in the left panel, the calendar opens a timeline with the chosen release only and its teams. You can view, check and be informed about all the important release events that are expected to complete (e.g. milestones, checklists due dates).

Details View

In the Details View, you can see the properties of a release (e.g. status, state, risk, etc...), as well as update some of the release properties.

To open the Details View for a release:

  1. Click on the release name on the timeline
  2. The details view will automatically open on the right as a side panel

The Details View offers important information about your release and its objects organized under a couple of tabs, which are Release Summary, Release objects, Scope, Metrics, Stages and Dependencies. Stages tab presents information for the stages of a release in the release calendar. Dependencies tab presents detailed information about the dependencies in your release scope, detected by Cycle Control. See Dependencies for more information.

Release Summary