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Dashboards in Project Snapshots

Configuration Manager allows you to include dashboards in snapshots (project or system). You can include dashboards in snapshots in a similar way to Filters and Agile Boards. For project snapshots, you can perform this on the "Dashboards" page (fourth page) of the Snapshot Creation Wizard.

Preview Snapshot Details

On the "Preview" page of the wizard, you can review the snapshot details and the selected dashboards. Additionally, you can exclude dashboards from the snapshot.

Dashboards in System Snapshots

You can also include all dashboards in System Configuration Snapshots. On the Select phase of the snapshot creation wizard, you can use the "Include all Dashboards" option.

Enable the "Include all Dashboards" option to include all dashboards from the system in the snapshot.


Video Guides

Project Configuration Snapshot with Dashboards


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