Agile Boards

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Boards in Project Snapshots

Configuration Manager allows you to include Agile boards in snapshots (project or system). You can include boards in snapshots in a similar way to Filters. For project snapshots, you can perform this on the "Boards" page (third page) of the snapshot creation wizard.

Include All Project Boards

On the "Select" phase of the snapshot creation wizard, you can use Configuration Manager's "Include Project Boards" option.

The option "Include Project Boards" automatically includes all boards with direct references to the projects in the snapshot.

Direct project reference means that the board's saved filter contains the snapshot project(s) in the "project" operand in the JQL syntax.

Then, continue to the Boards page, where all agile boards on the system are listed. The agile boards with direct references to the projects in the snapshot will be automatically selected. You can remove boards or add additional ones to the snapshot.


Include Selected Boards

If you would like to include only selected boards in the snapshot and not all project boards, do not enable the "Include Project Boards" option. Then, on the "Boards" page from the "Create Configuration Snapshot" wizard, select the boards you would like to include in the snapshot. You can also use the "Select Project Boards" button to include all project boards in the snapshot (Configuration Manager will automatically select them).

Disabled Board Option

Why is the "Include Project Boards" option disabled, when you go back in the wizard?

The "Include Project Boards" option is disabled when you navigate back from to the 'Boards' page to make sure that your manual selection takes precedence. Board selection can be managed and changed on the 'Boards' and 'Preview' pages.


Preview Snapshot Details

On the "Preview" page of the wizard, you can review the snapshot details and the selected boards. Additionally, on this page, you can exclude boards from the snapshot.


Boards in System Snapshots

You can also include all boards in System Configuration Snapshots. On the Select phase of the snapshot creation wizard, you can use the "Include all Boards" option.

Enable the "Include all Boards" option to include all boards from the system in the snapshot.