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This feature is available since Configuration Manager 6.1.0.


Are you dealing with complex Jira project configurations?
Do they contain hundreds or thousands of custom fields, workflows, screens and other types of Jira configuration elements?
Are you overwhelmed by the complex interactions you need to perform, the number of UI pages you need to visit to understand the connections between the configuration elements on a daily basis?

If you are facing the challenges above or simply want to use a more intuitive and easier to use UI, Power Admin is the perfect solution for you.
It helps you find and configure Jira projects easier by providing a powerful search and filter mechanisms with full usage and change impact information.

Configure and optimize Jira faster and easier using Power Admin for Jira.

Welcome to Power Admin for Jira

How it works

Power Admin is an advanced administration tool which allows you to search for configuration elements, see dependencies and usage, edit and configure elements.

For more information and Power Admin technical details, visit the User's Guide.

Use cases

The main use cases are:

  • Jira Project Configuration Analysis - dependencies, usage and change impact.

  • Jira Project Configuration Clean-up and Performance Tuning - unused and rarely used configurations.


Power Admin's strong features allow you to confidently search for, find, configure and optimize the various configuration elements in your Jira.

Search for Jira project configuration elements by Name or ID. The supported configuration element types are:

  • Custom Field

  • Screen

  • Screen Scheme

  • Issue Type Screen Scheme

  • Workflow

  • Workflow Scheme

  • Issue Security Scheme

  • Permission Scheme

  • Notification Scheme

Filter the search results based on:

  • Object usage

  • Type

  • Projects

  • Global Context


For each configuration element, you can find the full information about its usage in Projects and Issues, you can review and navigate to them.


You can see the list of first level dependent configuration elements and further drill down into the object relations.

Edit and Configure

For each configuration element, you can perform the actions relevant to it - i.e. Configure, Edit, Rename, Delete, Copy and Export.

User's Guide

To learn more about Power Admin's features and use cases, check the User's Guide.