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REST API Automation

Our Representational State Transfer (REST) application programming interfaces (APIs) allow you to automate the tasks in Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) and Integrity Check for Jira (ICJ).

Have a lot of projects? You can use CMJ’s REST API to automate the snapshot creation and deployment process. Automation also ensures the proper settings are consistently selected and eliminates user error. Use the ICJ’s REST API to have integrity checks run automatically on each snapshot.

Automate CMJ tasks with REST API

Read our REST API: Configuration Manager document to learn how to automate the processes of creating, managing, deleting, and deploying snapshots. You will also find information about managing snapshots via URI paths, special cases, and troubleshooting some common problems.

To get started, you can also read CMJ’s latest reference documentation: CMJ REST API 1.5

Automate Integrity Check’s tasks with REST API

Read our REST API: Integrity Check document to learn how to use the Integrity Check’s REST API to automate the processes of running integrity checks on snapshots, tracking their progress, and getting the results as JSON/CSV files.
To get started, you can also go to Integrity Check’s latest reference documentation: Integrity Check REST API 1.4

Don’t know what Integrity Check is?
In short, Integrity Check allows you to find and resolve any errors in the configuration of your Jira instance. Integrity Check ships together with your CMJ license.
To learn more, read our article about Integrity Check.