6.10.1 Release Notes


30 July 2021

Botron team is happy to announce the release of Configuration Manager for Jira 6.10.1!

Upgrading to Configuration Manager for Jira 6.10.1 is free for all customers.




Updates and Resolved Issues










Configuration Manager is now compatible with the new attributes introduced in Jira 8.18 and Jira Service Management 4.18:

  • Jira Service Management - SLAs on customer portals

  • Jira Service Management - Disabling the search bar on customer portals

  • Jira Core - emojis in comments



  • Fixed a problem where a wrong deployment duration time is displayed in the wizard. Now, we show both the re-indexing and the actual deployment duration times.

  • Fixed a problem where the diff shown for custom field contexts of SPI custom field configuration doesn’t contain sufficient info to help to identify which context is affected.

  • Fixed a problem where NPE is thrown when calculating the diff during the deployment.

  • Fixed a problem where a system field reference is not resolved correctly in the Filter results gadget’s ‘sortBy’ property.

  • Fixed a problem where the deployment failed between Jira Server and linked Jira Data Center when Configuration Manager attempts to change the name of a system field is affected.

  • Fixed a problem where an error was shown when trying to convert some snapshots to XML.

More improvements and bug fixes will be coming soon. Thanks! Submit your suggestions for improvements to Botron Support Portal. We value your feedback!