6.9.1 Release Notes


17 May 2021

Botron team is happy to announce the release of Configuration Manager for Jira 6.9.1!

Upgrading to Configuration Manager for Jira 6.9.1 is free for all customers.




Updates and Resolved Issues













  • Support for system field contexts: Jira has new functionality for adding contexts to system fields, which now have a separate page. With Configuration Manager, you can transfer and manage with Selective Merge system field contexts between Jira instances.



  • Integrity Check 6.9.1: We've reduced the severity of the duplicate column layout violation from an error to a warning.

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  • Power Admin 2.0.1: You can export the search results of configuration elements into a CSV file.

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  • Fixed Audit logs date formats for snapshot creation and deployment events.

  • Fixed problem with duplicate custom fields in workflows causing deployment failure.

  • Fixed problem with custom field date and datetime default value format.

  • Fixed problem where the clause 'sprint in' with only one argument is not deployed correctly.

  • Fixed problem with unnecessary priority translation changes in rare cases.

  • Fixed a problem with request type avatars getting changed to default Jira avatars after merging a project.

  • Fixed a problem where the ranking stops if the max rank length is reached but not exceeded.

More improvements and bug fixes will be coming soon. Thanks! Submit your suggestions for improvements to Botron Support Portal. We value your feedback!