6.6.1 Release Notes


01 April 2020

Botron team is happy to announce the release of Configuration Manager for Jira 6.6.1!

Upgrading to Configuration Manager for Jira 6.6.1 is free for all customers.



Updates and Resolved Issues










  • Issue Data SPI: We introduce a new set of integration endpoints for apps so they can easily migrate their issue data.

Full documentation | SPI Release Notes




  • Custom configuration element matching: Now, the custom matching between snapshot and target configuration elements during deployment is available for screen, screen scheme, issue link type, issue type, issue type scheme, issue type screen schemes.

  • We improved messages in the new custom matching (->M) feature.

  • Improved handling of configuration objects referred by name in JQL.




  • Fixed intermittent problem with issue type scheme associations when deploying new projects.

  • Fixed tooltips and problems in the Customs field context editing dialog and button.

  • Fixed problem with including issue types that have references only from issue history data.

  • No longer showing redundant differences for the default value of the Epic Color custom field.

  • Small UI fixes and improvements.

  • Improved handling of broken project shortcuts.



More improvements and bug fixes will be coming soon. Thanks!

Submit your suggestions for improvements to Botron Support Portal. We value your feedback!