Move Projects from Cloud to Cloud

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You can use Configuration Manager for Jira to move projects from one Jira Cloud to another Jira Cloud. The described approach can be used for merging Jira Cloud instances. 

The goal is to transfer a single project or multiple projects from one Jira Cloud (source) to another Jira Cloud (target) entirely with no loss of user-created data or project configuration. Please contact the 3rd party app vendor regarding the migration procedure of the app data.

As a prerequisite, you need to create two additional temporary on-premise Jira Server instances called Temporary Staging Servers in this document.




Cloud migration architecture

This section illustrates the recommended high-level architecture and phases to move projects between two Jira clouds safely and reliably.


~ 5 hours

2 Jira Cloud

2 Jira Servers* 

Project Snapshot

New Project Mode  




2 Servers are required.  (2 Temporary Staging Servers). The Temporary Staging Servers should use the latest available Jira version so that the cloud can be restored without problems.


Step-by-step instructions

Restore the configuration from the Cloud to Temporary Server:

  1. Restore the Source Could Jira to one of the Temporary Staging Servers so that the source configuration is available before you apply the changes from the snapshot.

  2. Restore the Target Could Jira to the other Temporary Staging Server so that the target's configuration is available before you apply the changes from the snapshot.

To move projects between Jira Clouds:

  1. Create a project snapshot with issues on the Source Staging Server using Configuration Manager for Jira. Pick the project or projects which you want to move (for more information on how to create project snapshots, check the Project Snapshot with Issues documents).

  2. Deploy the project snapshot on the Temporary Staging Server using Configuration Manager for Jira (for more information on how to deploy project snapshots, check the Single Project Snapshots, and Multi-project Snapshots documents).

  3. Configuration Manager's deployment modes will be activated by the deployment process. You can choose a mode and finish the deployment.

  4. Back up the data on the Target Temporary Staging Server instance (for more information, check Atlassian's document Backing up data).

  5. Restore the XML backup to the Target Jira Cloud instance (for more information check Atlassian's document Restoring data).

  6. (optional) Decommission the temporary servers.

For best performance and to avoid potential OutOfMemory errors for large snapshot deployments, make sure you increase the Java heap for your Jira. You can use the Jira sizing guide as a reference, and double the heap numbers for massive deployments. A rough guideline is 32GB for moving a project with 100 000 issues (attachment files are moved separately).


To extend the use case of moving projects from one Jira Cloud to another, explore Configuration Manager's functionalities and use cases: