Cloud Use Cases



As Jira Software's adoption continues to spread across businesses of all sizes and industries, and its deployment options continue to proliferate, the need for merging and migrating Jira servers becomes a business-critical task for admin teams. Botron Software's Configuration Manager for Jira is the only available solution on the market designed to cover the entire spectrum of migration scenarios. Designed for enterprise scalability from day one, Configuration Manager is the de-facto enterprise tool for migration & consolidation initiatives - it's a battle-tested solution which enabled the successful migration of thousands of Jira projects and millions of Jira issues. 





Configuration Manager for Jira automates the bulk of work associated with a typical migration initiative, saving your team weeks of manual, error-prone work, and countless resources. With hundreds of migration projects being successfully concluded, both from our Professional Services team as well as partners and individual businesses, Configuration Manager has proven to be the most robust solution for achieving migration success which ensures 100% success with 0% loss of data or functionality. The tool enables admins to perform an end-to-end migration project by providing them with the following capabilities: 

  • Move projects between instances without compromising their existing configuration or losing data.

  • Protect your Jira production server at all times by conducting configuration & data portability via a built-in secure transaction with a rollback mechanism.

  • Deep analysis into dependencies, such as 3rd-party apps, versions, etc. 

  • Interoperability with older versions of Jira.

  • Forward compatible project & system snapshots that handle all upgrade logic with no need for manual XML manipulations or XSLT transformations.  

Use Cases

Move projects from Server/Data Center to Cloud 

A step-by-step guide on how to transfer Jira projects from an on-premise Server/Data Center instance to a Jira Cloud instance without losing data or compromising on configuration functionality. 

Move projects from Cloud to Cloud

Find out how Configuration Manager can enable you to easily transfer your Jira projects from one cloud instance to another in a fully transparent manner with no data loss or corrupted functionality. 

Move projects from Cloud to Server/Data Center

Want to transition from a Cloud deployment to Server/Data Center? Learn how to use Configuration Manager to transfer your Jira projects, their data and functionality in a secure, end-to-end migration procedure.