Use Cases



Configuration Manager provides many enterprise-level features that can be utilized in the described below use cases. The type of snapshots, deployment mode and additional options make Configuration Manager very powerful and flexible.
In the use cases below we will use the following terms extensively:



Deployment mode - there are 4 deployment modes

  • Project Merge mode (used with single or multi-project snapshots)

  • Project New Project mode (used only with single project snapshots)

  • System Merge mode (used only with system snapshot)

  • System Restore mode (used only with system snapshot)



Snapshot-type - there are 3 types of snapshots

  • Single project

  • Multi-project

  • System - all projects in the system plus system configuration







Additional snapshot elements

  • Filters

  • Agile Boards (Scrum or Kanban)

  • Dashboards

Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) Use Cases