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Monitor App Integrations

This feature is available since Configuration Manager version 6.5.0

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Monitor your app integrations

If you have apps that integrate with Configuration Manager, you can view the state of each integration relation. Configuration Manager's page called App Integrations outlines valuable information about the integration points and the current state of the integration between apps installed on your Jira and Configuration Manager.

For each app, you can view the integration points and the integration state.

If there are multiple integration points between specific app and Configuration Manager, they are all listed under the Integration Type column for the app entry.

Integration type is common for all integration points from that type - for example, if multiple conditions and post-functions are integration points, they will be shown with the Workflow integration type.

App Integrations page also lists the apps with built-in integration in Configuration Manager. They are marked with the BUILT-IN tag next to the app name. Read more about the built-in integrations on the App Integrations page.

To monitor your app integrations:

  1. Log in as a user with the Jira System Administrators global permission.

  2. Choose the cog icon at the top right of the screen, then from the menu choose Configuration Manager.


  3. From Configuration Manager's side menu on the left, choose App Integrations to check the state of the integration of the apps installed on your Jira.

Integration points

Several integration types are available between apps and Configuration Manager:

  • Custom field

  • Project

  • Workflow

  • Dashboard

  • Global Configuration

  • App Data

  • Issue Data

If an app has integration with Configuration Manager, the integration types Custom field, Project, Workflow, and Dashboard are always enabled. When you create a snapshot, the relevant configuration is included in it.

If an app has integration with Configuration Manager using Global Configuration or App Data integration point, the global configuration and app data will be included on demand when you create configuration snapshots of your Jira. Learn more about how to migrate global configuration and app data for integrated apps.

Integration states

The state of integration can be either Active or Inactive.

The integration will be in the Inactive state in case:

  • The app requires a newer version of Configuration Manager so that the integration can be activated.

  • The app is disabled.

  • One or more of the app integration modules are disabled.

For each of the inactive integration use cases above, you will see an informative status message. The message marks the cause of the inactivity and provides instructions on how to activate the integration.