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List of Integrated Apps

How can Jira apps integrate with Configuration Manager?

The various apps which augment Jira's functionalities can integrate with Configuration Manager for Jira. This type of integration ensures that the app configurations can be exported and imported automatically and seamlessly between two Jira instances (server or data center).

There are two types of app integrations:

  • Built-in integrations (shipped with Configuration Manager).

  • Integrations supplied by app vendors via implementing Configuration Manager’s Service Provider Interface in their apps.

Apps integrated with Configuration Manager

You can see the list of apps that have integration with Configuration Manager in our List of Integrated Apps document.

Built-in integrations

Configuration Manager for Jira has built-in support for some of the most widely used apps across the Jira ecosystem.

What does built-in support mean?

Apps may provide custom conditions, validators, or post functions. Each of those may reference other objects in Jira - custom fields, users, groups, statuses, etc. These references are persisted as properties, usually containing the id of the referenced object.

Configuration Manager for Jira exports references to such objects in an instance-independent manner, thus guaranteeing that the workflow will behave the same way when deployed in another Jira instance (even if the custom field does not exist at all).

Integrations supplied by vendors

Our team developed and provides additional integration points, which the rest of the app vendors can use to integrate with Configuration Manager. This way, they extend Configuration Manager to handle the entire configuration of the specific app.

If you need Configuration Manager to move the configuration of a specific app, not currently integrated, please contact the app vendor with a request for integration.

A page called App Integrations shows the apps on your system which have integration with Configuration Manager and tracks their integration status. Learn more

Integration points

There are several integration points provided by Configuration Manager through the Service Provider Interface that apps can implement: Custom fieldProject, Workflow, Dashboard, and Global. These integration points allow Configuration Manager to migrate automatically any custom configuration provided by the app. Also, all references to other configuration elements within the app configuration will be correctly resolved even if identifiers are different between instances.

Custom field

Specific custom field configuration, provided by the app, will be automatically migrated.


Specific attached to a project configuration, provided by the app, will be automatically migrated.


Custom conditions, validators and post-functions, provided by the app, will be automatically migrated.


Custom dashboard gadgets, provided by the app, will be automatically migrated.

If an app has integration with Configuration Manager using one or more of the integration points Custom field, Project, Workflow, and Dashboard, when you create a snapshot, the relevant configuration will be included automatically.


Configuration Manager will automatically migrate the global app configuration if you included the app in the snapshot. Learn more

If an app has integration with Configuration Manager using Global integration point, the global app data will be included on demand when you create configuration snapshots of your Jira.

For more information and questions, you can visit our App Integrations FAQ page.