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Cloud Migration Tool Roadmap

Follow the roadmap to discover the newest and upcoming features we're building in the Cloud Migration Tool.
The information in our roadmap is subject to change, and as such, we will update it each month to reflect the features in development and the features planned for the future.

Jira Application Support


Jira Softwarе partially

  • Project configuration and issues SHIPPED

  • Agile boards and Sprint data in progress

Jira Service Management FUTURE

Migration Elements

Project configuration SHIPPED

Issues, attachments, comments, links, work logs, history SHIPPED

Users shipped

Agile Boards and Sprints In progress

App workflow rules In progress

Saved filters FUTURE

Dashboards FUTURE

App data FUTURE


Custom mapping of Jira Server users to Jira Cloud accounts (complete email domain transformations and many-to-one mapping via a mapping CSV) SHIPPED

Renaming of configuration elements during analysis to avoid conflicts FUTURE


Support for Jira Data Center shipped

Rollback on failed migration FUTURE