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  • System Scope - System scope allows you to run an integrity check on your Jira instance's entire configuration. You can find and resolve all configuration integrity errors on your whole system.

  • Project Scope - Project scope allows you to run an integrity check on the configuration of a single project or sub-set of projects. This way, you can quickly locate the errors in your project or several projects without running a check on the entire configuration.

  • Snapshot Scope - if you would like to run the Integrity Check just for the last failed snapshot, choose Snapshot Scope on the Integrity Check page. This way, you can find the root cause of configuration errors in failed snapshots. This scope is available only when you use Integrity Check as part of Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ), and not as a standalone app.
    Learn more about the use cases and benefits of running a snapshot scope integrity check.

Integrity error details

Each error detected has a Summary and Details sections in Integrity Check. In the summary, you can view the type and description of the error.